Life Without Facebook

So I decided to give up Facebook for Lent. Facebook is where I go to vent, it’s where I go to share good or interesting news, and it’s where I go to catch up on all my friends and family. Facebook makes me laugh, it allows me to make others laugh, and I just generally had no clue what I did with my life before Facebook. … until now. 

I blogged! Before sites like Facebook and Twitter came along, blogging was pretty popular. I mean it still is now, but it was more popular among the average schmoes than it is now. Whether they were good writers or not, most of my friends did blogs. And we all commented on each other’s pages. There would be dozens and dozens of comments on each of our pages. It was how we kept up with each other. Now the simple blogs like that are lucky to get one or two comments. Everyone can get their thoughts out in a few characters on Facebook now and be done with it.

But since making the decision to give it up for a while, I’ve decided to go back to blogging and journaling. Although it’s harder (and almost impossible) to stimulate the same conversation and debates in a blog like this one, I can still use it as a place to vent and just feel free. 

I’ve always had a harder time saying words than I have writing them. I’m not sure what’s so much more satisfying about typing or writing out words than speaking them but it works for me, it feels good, it feels natural. 

I’ve also taken to texting friends again. Although chat programs like AIM were better for that sort of thing, no one really does that anymore so I’m limited to the tiny tap screen qwerty pad on my iPhone. My husband always tell me to just call the person, but that doesn’t work for me. Like I said, I’d rather type than speak. I am not the most clever person in the world and putting thoughts into words live and in person just doesn’t go well for me. I like that typing or texting allows me a moment to think before I say what I want to. 

And I agree with my friend Deb who says texting is better because you don’t have to deal with the “Hi, how are you? I’m fine…” garbage every time you want to just ask someone a question. Texting allows you to just jump right in and get to what you really want to talk about!

I’ve also taken to writing in an actual journal again since leaving Facebook. It feels pretty good to get my creative juices flowing again and to write more than just a short post here and there. The only problem with blogging and journaling is that it’s harder to reach people.

It’s not that I feel like everything I say is so important or hilarious that I need all my friends and family to read it but I do like being able to witness to a large group of people at the click of a button. I like that when something like Abortion comes up, I can jump in with “Oh, you mean murdering innocent babies?” and try changing some minds. I can’t really achieve that in a low key blog like this in the same way I can on Facebook.

Also I did try giving up Facebook a few months ago for a while and failed. Though that was not my fault. I was surprised by the number of people coming up to me at church, telling me they missed me and that I needed to come back. In fact, I got a direct order from one of the Pastor’s wives to come back! And so I did. It was nice to learn that people did find me funny and inspiring and that they were enjoying my Christian posts. 

But this time I wanted to give it up for real for Lent. I love that my Facebooking makes other people happy and interested and gets them talking but I felt this time that giving up Facebook was more important. I visited Facebook multiple times every single day, even when I was in labor! I thought it would be hard to give up and that’s why I wanted to do it. 

Though it is hard and I have to fight the urge every day to check my page, I also feel that it was a good decision. It’s only been a few days since Lent began though, so we’ll see how much hair I’ve pulled out in a few weeks or so.


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