Happy Henry

All of my family and friends often comment on how happy my baby is. I can’t even take him for a quick trip to the store because we will be stopped by so many people that want to come over and tell me he is the happiest baby they have ever seen. To be honest, I am amazed by it every day myself! Even if he is tired, hungry, or teething, this kid will smile right through it until his joy is contagious.

Some people ask me what my trick is or if he is just really spoiled (yes, even strangers will ask that) and I do wish I could say I have some secret up my sleeve. But honestly, I can only place the blame on my Doctor.

I know this will probably sound silly and maybe it won’t work for everyone, but I followed my OBGYN’s advice as perfectly as I could and so far the result has been incredible. The very first time I went in for an appointment, my doctor told me she loved how happy I was. She went on to explain that studies show if a baby has a happy mom during pregnancy, the joy will be contagious. More often than not, the baby will come out happy too!

Of course when you’re pregnant, you don’t always have control over your emotions. Staying positive and happy for nine months was not always easy for me. In my last trimester, I left a job that I loved so that I could be a stay at home mom. I knew my life as a mom would be a lot better but it was still difficult to say goodbye to what had become such a big part of my life.

To add on to the emotions, one of our cats was dying of kidney failure. She had great vets that got her through it and she is fine now, but let me tell you that was one emotional roller coaster! And if that wasn’t enough, a new but good friend of mine learned he had a brain tumor. He also had wonderful doctors and he too is fine now, but trying to stay upbeat with such shocking news was pretty stressful.

I don’t think anyone can be perfectly and sincerely happy every day for nine months and I don’t think my doctor expected that of me. Being pregnant is terrifying. Not only are your organs moving about to make room for a HUMAN BEING to grow inside of you, but at some point that human has to come out. And then, and here is the real frightening thing… you have to bring the baby home! You and your husband suddenly get this strange tiny house guest who never goes away, yells a lot and always wants to eat!

But even though the baby couldn’t really go anywhere while I was pregnant, I was still able to keep my emotions separate. It’s really good to talk and sing to your baby and to play music for them while they are in the womb. Almost every time I talked to my baby or touched my belly, I made sure to get myself in a positive mood first and get a smile on my face. I also sang upbeat songs and played cheerful music. And even if there were moments where I couldn’t control myself and my emotions got the better of me, I would stroke my belly and tell him directly that everything was going to be OK. I would explain that I was sad for now but soon it would go away and I would be happy again. Of course baby isn’t going to understand all those words but they do pick up on tone, tenderness, and joy.

After I had the baby and I took him with me for a checkup with the doctor, she told me that she knew he would be a happy baby. And before I left, she stopped me and said “You see that big smile on his face? That’s your fault, you know?!!”

So if you’re pregnant now or thinking of having a baby and you want to know my big secret to having one that’s so happy, now you know. Just be happy yourself! I really do believe that laughter and joy can be contagious. And who better to share that with than your child?


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