I’ve been wanting to start a new blog for months now and struggled with what it should be about. I have interest in a lot of different things and find it hard to focus on just a specific topic. So I’ve finally decided what I want my blog to be about… my life! Just my everyday life. Of course it’s been done before, in fact it’s been done by ME before. But I wanted to started a new blog journal because I want to start a new me. I’m not going overboard here and changing a ton of things about myself or my life but after looking at my old blog, I’ve decided I could definitely stand to be a more positive person. My old blog reads like one big complain fest and people stopped reading it. I mean who wants to read a person’s complaints all the time? And who even wants to be around a person who just complains all the time?

This may sound like I’m an unhappy grouch but anyone who knows me knows that I’m actually really upbeat and happy most of the time. I even remember on my wedding day, my friend Andy said it was was so strange to see me in the ceremony because I was so serious and he had never seen me that way before. People don’t think of me as a serious person and I actually like that, I like being silly Chrissy! But I do always manage to find things to complain about and I really want that to stop. I have a really great life. God has spoiled the tar out of me and though I really do appreciate that and am so grateful for that, I have a lousy way of showing it.

I do plan on remaining human in this blog though, I mean I can’t be pooping rainbows here. We ALL encounter reality so don’t expect a constant stream of joy either. I will still be real but just more positive about it. I hope the explanation of this blog makes sense and I hope people read it. I like to write and I’ve stopped for way too long. So let’s start this journey and have some fun!



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